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Född (Born): 21 April 1870, Connellsville, Pennsylvania, USA
Död (Dead): 30 April 1941, New York, USA

Regissör (Director) - Fotograf (Cinematographer) - Manusförfattare (Writer)

Biografi (Biography): Wikipedia - SFI - IMDB - Essortment - Allmovie


The Cavalier's Dream (1898) Strange Adventure of New York Drummer (1899) Uncle Josh's Nightmare (1900) Faust and Marguerite (1900) The Mystic Swing (1900) 
 The Artist's Dilemma (1901) Panorama of Esplanade by Night (1901) Trapeze Disrobing Act (1901) The Martyred Presidents (1901) Sampson-Schley Controversy (1901) Circular Panorama of Electric Tower (1901) What Happened on Twenty-third Street, New York City (1901) Another Job for the Undertaker (1901) Laura Comstock's Bag-Punching Dog (1901) Love by the Light of the Moon (1901) Kansas Saloon Smashers (1901) The Old Maid Having Her Picture Taken (1901) Terrible Teddy, the Grizzly King (1901) Day at the Circus (1901) Execution of Czolgosz with Panorama of Auburn Prison (1901) How They Do Things on the Bowery (1902) The Burlesque Suicide, No. 2 (1902) The Interrupted Bathers (1902) Jack and the Beanstalk (1902) Burning of Durland's Riding Academy (1902) Appointment by Telephone (1902) Fun in a Bakery Shop (1902) Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show (1902) Den stora tågplundringen (1903) The Great Train Robbery What Happened in the Tunnel (1903) The Extra Turn (1903) The Heavenly Twins at Lunch (1903) The Heavenly Twins at Odds (1903) The Messenger Boy's Mistake (1903) A Romance of the Rail (1903) Rube and Fender (1903) The Gay Shoe Clerk (1903) Little Lillian, Toe Danseuse (1903) Rube and Mandy at Coney Island (1903) Subub Surprises the Burglar (1903) Uncle Tom's Cabin (1903) New York City Dumping Wharf (1903) New York City 'Ghetto' Fish Market (1903) Life of an American Fireman (1903) The Unappreciated Joke (1903) The Ex-Convict (1904) How a French Nobleman Got a Wife Through the 'New York Herald' Personal Columns (1904) The Strenuous Life; or, Anti-Race Suicide (1904) Scarecrow Pump (1904) Parsifal (1904) European Rest Cure (1904) Nervy Nat Kisses the Bride (1904) Dog Factory (1904) Pranks of Buster Brown and His Dog Tige (1904) Casey's Frightful Dream (1904) Midnight Intruder (1904) Capture of the 'Yegg' Bank Burglars (1904) Maniac Chase (1904) Rector's to Claremont (1904) A Rube Couple at a County Fair (1904) The Night Before Christmas (1905) Life of an American Policeman (1905) The Train Wreckers (1905) Scenes and Incidents, Russo-Japanese Peace Conference, Portsmouth, N. H. (1905) Watermelon Patch (1905) The White Caps (1905) The Little Train Robbery (1905) Coney Island at Night (1905) How Jones Lost His Roll (1905) The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog (1905) The Seven Ages (1905) The Kleptomaniac (1905) Police Chasing Scorching Auto (1905) Getting Evidence (1906) Kathleen Mavourneen (1906) Holdup of the Rocky Mountain Express (1906) The Life of a Cowboy (1906) Three American Beauties (1906) The Terrible Kids (1906) A Winter Straw Ride (1906) Dream of a Rarebit Fiend (1906) Waiting at the Church (1906) A Little Girl Who Did Not Believe in Santa Claus (1907) The Trainer's Daughter; or, A Race for Love (1907) Cohen's Fire Sale (1907) The 'Teddy' Bears (1907) (uncredited) Daniel Boone (1907) College Chums (1907) Jack and the Beanstalk (1907) Jack the Kisser (1907) Laughing Gas (1907) The Rivals (1907) Ex-Convict No. 900 (1908) An Unexpected Santa Claus (1908) She (1908) Saved by Love (1908) Romance of a War Nurse (1908) Life's a Game of Cards (1908) The Face on the Bar-Room Floor (1908) The Boston Tea Party (1908) The Painter's Revenge (1908) The Gentleman Burglar (1908) Fireside Reminiscences (1908) A Suburbanite's Ingenious Alarm (1908) The Life of an American Cowboy (1908) Skinner's Finish (1908) Tale the Autumn Leaves Told (1908) The House of Cards (1909) The Heart of a Clown (1909) A Child of the Forest (1909) A Daughter of the Sun (1909) Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight? (1909) Faust (1909) The Winning of Miss Langdon (1910) The Cowpuncher's Glove (1910) The Greater Love (1910) His Mother's Thanksgiving (1910) The Toymaker, the Doll and the Devil (1910) The Stolen Claim (1910) Ononko's Vow (1910) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1910) The Man Who Learned (1910) Peg Woffington (1910) Russia, the Land of Oppression (1910) Her First Appearance (1910) For Her Sister's Sake (1910) Bradford's Claim (1910) The Farmer's Daughter (1910) A Western Romance (1910) Luck of Roaring Camp (1910) The Engineer's Romance (1910) Pardners (1910) 
 A Romance of the Cliff Dwellers (1911) John Brown's Heir (1911) The Lure of the City (1911) Leaves of a Romance (1911) Lost Illusions (1911) A Cure for Crime (1911) The Lighthouse by the Sea (1911) A White Redman (1911) Money to Burn (1911) The Doomed Ship (1911) The Test of Love (1911) Sherlock Holmes, Jr. (1911) A Famous Duel (1911) Madeline's Rebellion (1911) Captain Nell (1911) A Buried Past (1911) Silver Threads Among the Gold (1911) The Strike at the Mines (1911) A Night of Terror (1911) The Iron Master (1911) The Price of Victory (1911) The Lover and the Count (1911) The Convict's Parole (1912) The Count of Monte Cristo (1913) His Neighbor's Wife (1913) In the Bishop's Carriage (1913) The Prisoner of Zenda (1913) Such a Little Queen (1914) The Spitfire (1914) Tess of the Storm Country (1914) A Good Little Devil (1914) Hearts Adrift (1914) The Crucible (1914) Lydia Gilmore (1915) The Prince and the Pauper (1915) Bella Donna (1915) Zaza (1915) Den vita pärlan (1915) The White Pearl Sold (1915) Jim the Penman (1915) Den eviga staden (1915) The Eternal City When We Were Twenty-One (1915) Niobe (1915) The Morals of Marcus (1915)


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